Auster Loo, the flute/darbuka duo, was created early 2014 after musical journey in Morocco. Simon Leleux (darbuka-doholla) and Lydie Thonnard (flutes) started playing together with a common passion for rhythm and improvisation, which quickly led them out of their musical borders, creating a music inspired by their discovery of and interactions with non-occidental cultures.

Besides their love for rhythm, their first concern is about sound: “With only one flute and one darbuka, how can we suggest different sounds? Different instruments? Other musical traditions?”

Auster Loo’s sound leads the listener through space and time, from the Western to the Eastern world, from yesterday to tomorrow.

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Auster Loo & Brahmakhyapa is the collaboration of Auster Loo with an indian duo from kolkata, consisting of Malabika Brahma (voice) and Sanjay Bhattacherjee (guitar, dotara, doubki).

Since their first meeting in summer 2015, a connection was felt between these four artists who barely knew each other. Charmed by Malabika’s incredibly deep voice and Sanjay’s flowing improvisations, Auster Loo enjoyed these interactions, while BrahmaKhyapa let themselves get carried away by Lydie’s aerial sound and the soft precision of the Simon’s strikes. At the end of this trip they recorded few tracks together. Within five months of this Auster Loo was animated by the desire to quickly meet BrahmaKhyapa again. Firmly determined both the duos made it happen hence they were united in India this time.
This reunion was undoubtedly the beginning of a long-term exchange between Auster Loo and BrahmaKhyapa since, in addition to sharing a music they discovered the roots of a deep friendship and bonding.


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Auster Loo & Brahmakhyapa